Our process - how this works.

Construction can be a very laborous and dirty job. It can cause anxiety and worry as your entire house is opened up to the outside elements. We understand that many people are curious how we can replace your roof, siding, windows, deck etc. without damaging the inards of your home or ruin your landscaping. Over the years American West Contracting has developed and finessed techniques to reduce the wear on the lawn and plants and also keep the inside of your home safe.

Sales representative meets with client.
Demolition begins on roof or project.
Installation process begins on roof or project.
A beautiful new roof!
A beautiful new roof!

American West Contracting is dedicated to making your construction project as painless as possible. Our job is to take the stress and make sure it happens the way you dream it. As licensed and professional roof installers we take pride in each project we bring to life. The project is just as important to us as it is to you. This is our career!

1. It starts with our sales representative

A well informed client is a confident client. Our sales representative will become familiar with your projected direction. During this, an inspection of the project site will occur and all proper notes, photographs and considerations will be taken. Once the client and our sales representative are both satisfied (usually within 24 hours) a detailed description of materials and labor workflow from start to end makes for no surprises, additional work orders or added costs.

2. Starting your job - mobilization and setup

Drawings, photographs and mapping your house help us to plan and execute job specifics effectively. Caution tape and signs help to warn and direct foot traffic. Demolition will begin on the project with all safety considered to be first! Construction debris is placed in a vehicle for removal (no dumpsters to clutter your beautiful property!), tarps and plywood is used to protect grounds and large magnets are ran daily to pick up loose nails and thus keep people, pets and your vehicles safe.

3. Installation

Specifications, guidelines, and building code requirements change occasionally. We train and test our employees on a regular basis and have achieved certified contractor status with many manufacturers by doing so. A job done right gives everyone peace of mind. Our team are licensed, bonded and insured. We are not some back-alley outfit. We take safety, security and perfection seriously. Once demolition is completed we will begin installation of the project. This is where American West Contracting will shine and stand out more superior to other companies.

4. Clean up

An ongoing process but most throughly done at the end of the job. This is when all employees dedicate their time cleaning up all construction debris. We are big on leaving no trace other than the new and amazing project. This is usually a large concern of our clients before a project and the most appreciated at the end.

5. Final inspection

After your project is completed a crew leader will walk the job checking for quality assurance (with job specifications and installation guidelines) and making any corrections if necessary, along with ensuring cleanliness. If desired the crew leader will walk-through the project with the homeowner and ensure all questions are answered and the homeowner is informed.

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